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German Shepherd, Female, 11 years old

Yana, SchH2, KKL1 is a direct German import and is protection trained.

She is healthy, very friendly, and loves to play.

We have several beautiful German Shepherds who are now available for adoption. We do not have them all listed here. Please call our office for more information on these very special friends who all need a loving home.  951-277-0110

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Assertive K-9 do adoptions?

We have a standing policy that we always take our dogs back if the owners can no longer care for them. We don’t do adoptions very often, but we want to make sure that our dogs are placed in a loving home.

Occasionally, we volunteer our time and services to help dogs in need. It’s our way of giving back to the community!

Why Assertive K-9 versus a county shelter or another private adoption center?

We brought these dogs into the world, so it is our responsibility to ensure that they are placed in loving homes. If they can no longer care for them, we encourage owners to send the dogs back to us as opposed to a county or private adoption shelter.

We are well skilled at screening potential pet parents ourselves. Additionally, in the event that a dog is not placed, Assertive K-9 will be its home for life!

Why do you charge a fee? What does the fee cover?

We charge a small adoption fee of $500.00 to help cover some of the costs of caring for the dog. The costs of veterinary care, medication, grooming, training, and food add up!

The nominal fee also helps to ensure that potential owners are serious and are responsible. When these special dogs are adopted, we want them to be in their forever home.

What is the adoption process?

Interested pet parents should make an appointment to come out to our facility.

We meet with all potential pet parents, who are required to spend time with the selected dog.

We evaluate all candidates to make sure they are a good fit. This is done through a required questionnaire, an interview, and observation.

Are the dogs trained?

Because most of the dogs that will be available for adoption were born here, they are already trained!

We encourage all pet parents to go through “training” as well by taking our group classes. Additional training opportunities are available as well (such as private, in-board, and VIP training).

If the dog doesn't work out, can I return it?

We always take our dogs back. The adoption fee, however, is non-refundable.