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Happy Thanksgiving!

We have much to be thankful for this year. May your family be richly blessed this Thanksgiving as you spend time with one another. Enjoy the moment! Assertive K-9 Training & Staff  

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Is Your Dog Shedding?

Shaving vs. De-shedding Should I shave or de-shed my dogs hair? We want you to be informed! When you shave your dog this is what happens: Risk of overheating or heat stroke is increased due to lack of "insulation" Dog still continues to shed profusely Your dog's coat may not grow back especially in older dogs.…

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Pug in training

Who says some puppies are too small or too young to be trained? Look at this cute little pug that just signed up at Assertive K9 Training in Corona at just 8 weeks old!

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Keeping your dog safe on Halloween

HALLOWEEN SAFETY FOR YOUR FURRY FRIEND!       Its that time of year again where children and adults alike can dress up and pretend to be anything they want without appearing crazy. Everybody has a free ticket to ‘Fantasy Land’ for a full day. Many people like to share this fun time with their dogs,…

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How To Help Your Dog Cope With Separation Anxiety

How to Help Your Dog Cope With Separation Anxiety

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being so in love with someone that you can’t wait to see them again? You smile just thinking about that special someone and seeing them again makes you want to jump up and down with joy (but you don’t because you’re playing it cool, right? Right.) Now, consider…

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