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How To Prevent Dog Aggression

Let’s face it, some dog breeds have gotten a bad rap over the years for being aggressive. Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, as well as several others have all ended up on the “mean dog” list. The truth is, any dog can become an aggressive dog. Let that sink in for a moment…any dog can become an aggressive dog. From that adorable teacup poodle, to the giant English Mastiff, the only difference is the amount of damage the dog can inflict.

As a dog owner, it is extremely important to understand the common underlying causes of dangerous behavior and when you should seek help from a professional trainer.

Common Causes of Aggression

What would cause an otherwise calm and happy dog to become a snarling, snapping, danger to other dogs and humans? Let’s look at several common factors:

Genetic predisposition

Dogs that are unintentionally bred, or poorly bred by backyard breeders.


Insecure and fearful dogs will generally use aggression as a means of protecting themselves.

Lack of socialization

When puppies are not properly socialized, they can be distrustful towards strangers and other dogs.


Dogs that are neglected and left outside tend to become territorial.

Emotional dependency with the owner

When a dog is spoiled or babied, they become insecure and and build an emotional dependency with the owner.

Signs of Aggressive Behavior

Knowing the warning signs can help you better identify triggers for aggressive behavior. Watch for the following signs of aggression:

  • Becoming very still and rigid
  • Guttural growl or bark
  • Lunging forward or charging at another dog or person
  • Showing their teeth
  • Snarling (a combination of growling and showing teeth) and/or snapping
  • Bite with enough pressure to cause a bruise, break the skin, or cause puncture wounds
  • Repeated bites in rapid succession
  • Bite and shake

When to Seek Help

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you should seek help from a professional dog trainer.

  1. Do you recognize any of the signs of aggressive behavior in your dog?
  2. Does your dog become aggressive when he sees or gets near another dog?
  3. Is your dog unpredictable around strangers or certain people?
  4. Do you feel uncomfortable taking your dog for walks or on family outings?
  5. Are you concerned about liability?

Assertive K-9 Training can help! We have excelled in dealing with some of the most extreme aggressive dog cases in all of California for over 40 years. We are proud of our overall success rate!

Sign up today for this very informative seminar on Dog Aggression!

Topics covered:

  • Why your dog behaves the way he does
  • Managing & handling your ‘reactive’ dog
  • How to keep everyone safe – liability issues
  • Tips & strategies on turning this behavior around

This event has been cancelled.

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  1. I just adopted a dog, apparently mix corgi and beagle. Seems that he was doing just fine, but than without without apparent reason he bit me. I would like to learn how to train him in order to avoid this in the future .
    What future classes you have available, please let me know

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