It's Jennifer and Kenai. Kenai is now an OFFICIAL THERAPY DOG, here in Chula Vista/San Diego. She passed the CGC test on the first try, she also passed the therapy dog testing on the first try as well. We had...read more

We purchased a beautiful, female puppy from Thinschmidt in the spring of 2013.  Having owned large breed dogs for 30+years, we knew exceptional breeding was essential in choosing a GSD puppy.  At the time, our family included a 10 year...read more

Assertive K9 Training Testimonials Jeanne 1

OMG!!! You guys are by far the best. I cannot Thank You guys enough for making my trip that much more fun by me feeling at ease that my dogs were in such good hands. Not only Amazingly well taken...read more

We purchased our first German Shepherd from Thinschmidt and couldn't be more pleased. I researched several different breeders not only in California but across the U.S. I couldn't be more pleased with Assertive K9 for the quality of dog we...read more

Assertive K9 Training Testimonials Tony

I have purchased 2 German Shepherds from this Breeder. I originally searched all over the California for the top Breeder. the dogs are so well trained at 13 weeks when you pick them up they should be in Guiness book...read more

Not sure if you remember me or not, I drove from Iowa with my dad back in April to pick up my puppy. I just thought you might like to know how he is doing. He is one of, if...read more

I think Sig is a very handsome boy but I'm a little biased. Sig looks a lot like his sire Baru. He has a really dark mask and a big, blocky, masculine head and has a solid black saddle with...read more

Assertive K9 Training Testimonials Sig

I have had 8 dogs of which the last 3 were german shepherds - 1 female and 2 males. The female I bought from a top North American breeder in CT and the 2 males from Thinschmidt. My female was...read more

I just picked up my 3 year old GSD from Assertive K-9. This was his second course. I am extremely pleased with everyone at this facility. Their genuine care to see Bruno succeed was far and above what I expected....read more

Please read my story about these incredible people. My husband and I began our search for our German Shepard in February this year. After speaking to, or visiting SEVERAL breeders we found Thinschmidt! We called and spoke with Maria, made...read more

We have a Thinschmidt shepherd that is now over two years old. We wanted to tell you he is the best dog that we have ever had! He came fully sit, down, stay trained, leash trained, and crate trained. From...read more

Assertive K9 Training Testimonials Corbie

My dog Siegmund, a 2yr old male GSD with high drive, had basic obedience from Assertive K9. His problems were impulsive, unfocused on me, dominant toward other dogs. Unable to put in ear drops in his ears and let me...read more

Our beloved pup Thermopylae "Thermo" was a 4 month old rescue that played aggressively and was destructive; we had a difficult time setting boundaries with him. After an intensive 6 week in-boarding training program, filled with positive reinforcement, Thermo had...read more

We just completed the 6 week basic course with our Golden Newfie, Hawke. Our guy is a 100+ pound bundle of energy, but Robert did wonders. He is probably the best dog trainer around and transformed our buddy into a...read more

We can highly recommend Thinschmidt German Shepherds to anyone who is looking for a German Shepherd to add to their family for the life of the dog. The folks at Thinschmidt German Shepherds sincerely live their mission: "To breed for...read more

Many months ago, we rescued a White Shepherd. Lola was not socialized when she was young. Merely penned up in a crate or tied up in a side yard with no contact with people or other dogs. Not surprisingly, she...read more

I highly recommend this facility as I have been very impressed with the owners and the training staff ever since I started taking my dog to their facility when she was a puppy at 11 weeks old. She is now...read more

Absolutely the best dog training facility in southern California!!!!! We did countless hours of research and were willing to travel long distances to find our German Shepard. Luckily, they were just down the street. My wife and I visited several...read more

This is by far the very best training group. My 7 month old german shepherd has become a delight by learning and using the kind and gentle methods used and taught with the careful thought of what is best for...read more

Good Morning Diana, Robert and Michele: Some times we have an experience(s) that is so appreciated, meaningful, and exceeds our expectations. The real missing link is letting those that make a difference know...so wanted to stop and write this messge...read more

Dear Michele, Robert and Jenn, A very BIG THANK YOU is owed to each of you and the staff at K-9 Assertive Training. When we brought Samantha out to your facility at 16 weeks old for fear aggressive behavior we...read more

Assertive K9 Training Testimonials Sami

Dear Thinschmidt Family, This note has been a long time coming, but we want to thank you for Gertie (aka Fannie). We were the fortunate family to receive a beautiful dog through our Cesar Millan video appearance, which you generously...read more

Assertive K9 Training Testimonials Gertie 1

Michele, Lupe and I would like to express how happy we are with our new puppy KIZER!!!! It was a wonderful adventure and THINSCHMIDT GERMAN SHEPHERDS are so great to work with. Kaizer was born 03/30/2010 and Michele, kept us...read more

Dear Diana, Doug, Michele and Robert, My husband and I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful puppy we chose from you. We’ve had Vincent von Thinschmidt (Uta-Gonzo pup) home now for about 3 weeks and he’s adjusted SO well....read more

The Staff, Professionalism, Training & Facilities are exceptional! After intense research across the nation, we chose THINSCHMIDT. Visit the site to verify this choice; talk to the staff. It is a well maintained, a clean environment, directed & focused at...read more

Hi Michele, Zeus is doing great! I wanted to thank you all for a wonderful job you did with his training and I would recommend your facility to anyone who inquires. It was well worth driving him to So. Cal....read more

Well, our little guy is little no more. While he weighed in at 65 pounds in September, I am sure that Rocco has put on at least another ten pounds. His feet don't seem so big and he when he...read more

Assertive K9 Training Testimonials Rocco 1

Hi Michele, I wanted to let you know that Hinda (now known as Nina) is settling in very nicely. She’s absolutely perfect! She is very well behaved and is already extremely loyal. She has given me a sense of comfort...read more

Assertive K9 Training Testimonials Nina

Dear Diana, Doug and Michele, First of all, let us commend all of you for all your hard work at producing the most wonderful family friends. Our search for a discriminative GSD breeder paid off. We feel very fortunate to...read more

Assertive K9 Training Testimonials Titan 1

I have been training with the team at Assertive K-9 training for nearly a year as part of the ABC dog training externship. This section of the ABC course requires you to work with a dog trainer in your community...read more

Assertive K9 Training Testimonials Sharon Bell

Dear Doug, Diana and Michele, I would like to take this time to encourage anyone who wants a great dog or has a problem animal to contact Assertive K-9 for help. We have had Zelda for almost three weeks now...read more

Assertive K9 Training Testimonials Zelda 1

Michele, I am now more educated about German Shepherds and the quality of bloodlines. I think we have gotten quite a bargain! I have seen many Shepherds at the park, the pet store, etc, and none of them are as...read more

Michele, Doug and Diana, When we brought Romeo to be evaluated by you we were desperate to find someone that understood dogs with aggression issues. We adopted Romeo, a "boxer/lab mix" in October of 2007 as a dog for my...read more

Assertive K9 Training Testimonials Romeo

Hello Michelle, I wanted to let you know how happy we are with Titan - he is beautiful, remarkably brave, and very intelligent. He is just full of energy and life. He likes to go to busy places and interact...read more

Assertive K9 Training Testimonials Titan

Hi Michelle, We just wanted to say thank you again for giving us so much of your time and attention yesterday. You were so gracious to us and we appreciate the fact that you patiently endured our questioning before showing...read more

Hi friends at Thinschmidt, We got our puppy from you last December. He was the last male from a liter of imported puppies you had. Remember? Anyway, our last German Shepherd used to like to swim and we told you...read more

Hi Diana and Michelle, Thanks for the additional training, the adjustment in my training has helped Zito (Waneska and Razor), he is like a new dog! For a 6 month old puppy he is very well behaved. I have him...read more

Hi Michele, Just a note to touch base since we've seen you. The obedience class for Blaze began this morning. Needless to say he was a shining star!! There are about seven dogs in the class, all different breeds, some...read more

Dear Diana, Yesterday, I received the Pink Papers for Nestor. Thank You! Don't tell any of your buyers, that the best German Shepherd is already sold, because we have him. Nestor is absolutely the best, funniest and smartest dog we...read more

Assertive K9 Training Testimonials Nestor

Hello Robert, Dianna & Doug, Our ride home last week with Riley was uneventful. There was not a peep out of him! That was a good thing since it took about an hour and a half to get home. The...read more

Diana and family, "Cash" is just making a wonderful hit with us. She is gorgeous to look at, very bright and responsive, playful, energetic, and I think making a good adjustment. Is doing quite well with potty training, eating well...read more

Dear Diana, Bobby and Doug, This letter is to thank you guys so much for all that you've done for our family and for our sweet yellow lab, Lucky. Lucky is a reformed dog because of your dedication and perseverance....read more

I am happy to give you our opinion of Assertive K-9 Referral. Do not hesitate if you feel you have an aggressive issue at all do not stop go directly to Corona and drop your baby off. You will never regret...read more

Assertive K9 Training Testimonials Thunder